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1. Unless one is wealthy there is no use in beingmight be called an occupational disease of people who have been suddenly transplanted abroad. Like most diseases, it has its own symptoms

  there /it is no use (in) doing:做……是没有用的/没有意义的

  eg: There is no use in complaining without doing anything.光抱怨不做事是没用的。

  2. Romance is the privilege of the rich, not the profession of the unemployed.

  This company has the privilege of dealing the import and export of chemicals.

  这家公司有经营化工产品进出口的特权。: deal with处理

  3. These are the great truths of modern life which Hughie Erskine never realized.


  4. All of us depend for our peace of mind and our efficiency on hundreds of these cues, often without our conscious awareness

  depend on sb./sth. (for sth.):依靠,依赖……而获得

  eg: The country depends on its oil-rich neighbours for its oil supply这个国家依靠其石油丰富的邻国供应石油。

  have sth. as one‘s food以什么为主食eg:  Most southern people live on rice.多数南方人以大米为主食。

  5. He never said a clever or even an ill-natured thing in his life.

  ill-natured: unpleasant or unkind怀着恶意的,脾气坏的eg:He is an ill-natured old man.他是个坏脾气的老人。

  6. He was as popular with men as he was with women and he had every quality except that of making money.

  popular with/among:受欢迎的,讨喜欢的,流行的

  eg: The young teacher is very popular among the students. 这位年轻的教师很受学生的欢迎。

  7 His father, on his death had left him his sword and a history of a particular war in fifteen volumes.

  on(sb.‘s death):刚一……

  8. lived on two hundred pounds a year that an old aunt allowed him.

  live on:A. depend on sth. for financial support依靠什么作为经济来源:

  eg:  The five people family had to live on Father‘s salary of 500yuan a month.


  eg: The people in that country are always grumbling about the dry weather


  9.He had gone on the Stock Exchange for six months; but what was a butterfly to do among bulls and bears?

  bulls and bears指有经验的股票投机者。

  eg:a bear market: when the value of business shares is falling 熊市

  a bullish market牛市

  10. but he had soon tired of that.

  Tire of 厌倦,厌烦

  eg:His interest in the stock exchange soon wore off, and he tired of the business.


  11 To make matters worse, he was in love.

  Make matters/ things worse:使原来就尴尬、不妙、甚至危险的状况更糟糕

  12. The girl he loved was Laura Merton, the daughter of a former attendants; the absent-minded stare;

  former前面的,以前的     the former president前总统

  13. They were the handsomest couple in London, and had not a penny between them.


  eg: They opened a small restaurant between them.他俩合伙开了一个小饭馆。 那次事故损伤了他的视力

  14. He had been very much attracted by Hughie at first, it must be admitted

  attract吸引,引起: attraction, interest吸引

  eg: The scenery here is attractive.这里的景色很迷人。


  eg:He admitted his mistakes to the teacher

  15 IThe only people a painter should know he used to say used to say, are people who are beautiful,

  Used to do 过去常常  eg: He used to get up late.   那孩子对这个游戏的兴趣很快就消失了。

  16 …… However, after he got to know Hughie better, he liked him quite as as much for his bright, cheerful spirits, and his generous, careless nature.

  As much as: 和……同样程度, 一样,差不多

  It is as much your responsibility as ours. 这是你们的责任,同样也是我们的责任。

  17 When Hughie came in he found Trevor putting the finishing touches to a wonderful life-size picture of a beggar-man.

  touch: 点缀

  eg:Wait a minute, please. I‘m just putting the finishing touches to the dress.请等一下,这件连衣裙剩下几针就好了。

  life-size与实物一样大小的     the life-size statue与真人一样大小的塑像

  18. Over his shoulder wasthrown a rough coat, all torn and full of holes; his thick boots were old and patched; and with one hand he leant on a rough stick, while with the other he held out his battered hat for money.

  hold out sth./hold sth. out: 伸出     eg: Tom held out his cup for a refill

  19. An amazing model?“ shouted Trevor at the top of his voice ”I should think so!“

  at the top of one‘s voice以某人最大的声音/嗓门

  20 What a picture Rembrandt would have made of him!

  Make a picture of sb.将某人画下来。

  21. I tell you that there are moments when art almost reaches the importance of manual work.

  I tell you/I can tell you/ I‘m telling you用来强调已经说的或后面要说的话

  eg: I will never do such a thing, I tell you.告诉你,我决不会做这样的事。

  eg: I can tell you, if you give up this opportunity, you will regret. 你要是真放弃这次机会,你会后悔的。

  22. The old beggar-man took advantage of Trevor‘s absence to rest for a moment on a wooden seat that was behind him.

  take advantage of sth.: to make full use of sth.

  eg: I intend to take full advantage of this trip to buy the things we need.


  23. He looked so miserable that Hughie pitied him, and felt in his pockets to see what money he had.


  Feel( about/around)(for sb./ sth.)(用手、脚或棍子去)寻找/摸

  eg: He felt in his briefcase for a pen.他在公文包里找一枝笔。

  24. slipped the pound into the beggar‘s hand

  Slip: put sth. somewhere, esp. quickly, quietly or secretly

  eg:The strange man slipped a small note into my hand. 那个陌生人悄悄地把一张小条塞进我的手里。

  25 The old man startled and a faint smile passed across his lips.

  startle (up): jump up suddenly惊跳起来,使大吃一惊

  I was startled at his sudden knocking loudly at the door. 他的突然大声敲门吓了我一跳。

  26. He spent the day with Laura, was charmingly blamed for how to go shopping, when to giving away one pound, and bad to walk home.

  be blamed for 因……而受到责备

  eg:He was blamed by his parents for his failure in the entrance exams.


  give sth. away : to give sth. free of charge

  eg: He gave away all his mother‘s books away when she died.他母亲去世后他把她的书都送给别人了。

  27. What an amazing model!“ whispered Hughie, as he shook hands with his friend.

  What (an/a)+n.感叹句,修饰名词

  28. Such beggars are not met with every day……

  meet with(偶尔)遇到,碰到;得到,遭受

  Such animals are rarely met with in the north.这种动物很难在北方看到。

  I sometimes meet him in the library.我偶尔在图书馆碰到他。

  These bad habits have met with strong condemning from the public.这些坏习惯遭到了公众的谴责。

  29……I think the model should have a percentage

  have a percentage:have a share分成,有份

  30. I tell you that there are moments when art almost reaches the importance of manual work.

  there are moments when有时, 有这样的时候

  31.It is better to have a permanent income than to be attractive

  permanent income,permanent 永久的,长期的

  32. Poor Hughie ! Intellectually,……


  33. He had gone on the Stock Exchange for six months; but what was a butterfly to do among bulls and bears?

  butterfly: someone who usually moves on quickly from one activity or person to another轻浮的人

  34.That did not answer……

  answer: to be a way of dealing or solving a problem解决问题的办法依

  35. At last he became nothing, a delightful, useless young man with a perfect face and no profession.

  最后他一事无成,落得没有职业,只有一张完美的脸蛋,成了一个可爱的窝囊废。(注意对照法的运用:a delightful与useless,a perfect face 与no profession形成对照。)


  36. To make matters worse, he was in love.

  be in love (with)谈恋爱,(与……)相爱

  eg:He is in love with a girl from countryside.  他与一个来自农村的女孩相爱了。

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