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1. Early Kinship with Nature 早期与自然结友 Carson's love of Nature in her childhood

  kinship : (written) a feeling of being close

  eg: As he had lived in the village for ten years during the cultural

  revolution, he felt a sense of kinship with the young migrant workers from the


  因为他在 文化革命期间在那个村子里生活了十年,他对来自那个村的年轻民工有一种亲切感。

  2. She is at ease with them 她与树林里的生灵在一起感到轻松舒畅。

  be/feel at (one's )ease: be completely relaxed (心情)轻松。

  The young girl will make a good nurse for she feels most at ease with

  small children.


  3. It was comforting to suppose that the stream of life would flow on through time in whatever course God had given it-without interference by one of the drops in that stream-man



  One felt comfortable and relaxed to think that life would go on forever along the

  way Nature has directed free from interference by man.

  one of the drops in that stream: in the stream of life man is one of the


  4. The little girl, like many people, feels that these wonders of Nature are precious andpermanent.

  depend on sb./sth. (for sth.):依靠,依赖……而获得

  eg: The country depends on its oil-rich neighbours for its oil supply.


  have sth. as one's food以什么为主食

  eg:  Most southern people live on rice.多数南方人以大米为主食。

  5. It was pleasant to believe,“…” that much of Nature as forever beyond the tampering reach of man thing in his life.

  1) much of Nature: 大自然中存在的许多东西

  2) beyond the tampering reach of man: 人类无法干预和改变

  tamper (with) : 损害,削弱,篡改

  eg:He found his program has been tampered with. 他发现有人篡改了他的程序。

  tamper with history, sb's teachings…篡改历史, 某人的学说

  6. As a scientist, she learned with sadness that little in Nature is truly beyond the “tampering reach of man

  As a scientist, it made her sad to learn that man could almost do everything he wanted with Nature.

  Beyond the reach of sb; beyond/out of sb.' reach:


  Please put these chemicals out of children's reach.


  The problem is beyond the reach of my understanding.


  7 Then, angrily aware of the harsh facts concerning the present and future dangers to the environment, she used her great skills as a writer to sound a startling warning to mankind .后来,她十分气愤地意识到人类当今和将来的生存环境正面临危险的严酷事实,她利用自己杰出的创作才能向人类发出了惊人的警告。

  1) be aware of…, be aware that… : realizing that意识到

  unaware of…, unaware that… not realize …没意识到,没察觉到

  Now more and more people are aware of the importance of environmental protection.


  From the expression on the doctor's face, she was aware that her son's illness was very serious.


  He was unaware that their talk had been overheard.


  2)concerning prep. : in connection with (正式)关于 , 与……有关的

  Please inform me concerning the new sales plan. 请把关于新销售计划的情况告诉我。

  The book deals with questions concerning China's foreign policy.


  3)sound a startling warning:

  sound vt.: 发出信号

  startling :very unusual or surprising 令人吃惊的,惊人的,

  a startling achievement 不凡的成就

  startling results 惊人的结果

  startling facts 触目惊心的事实

  8. …man was endangering himself and everything else on this planet by his indiscriminate use of chemical pesticides. 人类毫无顾忌地滥用化学药品已经给人类本身以及这一星球上的其他生灵造成危害

  1) endanger: 危害,使有危险

  The spread of urban areas endangers wildlife. 城市的扩大危害了野生动物的生存。

  Smoking during pregnancy can endanger the baby.妇女怀孕期间吸烟会损害婴儿的健康。

  2)indiscriminate: acting without careful judgment or at random


  Indiscriminate development of small paper mills has caused serious pollution in the area.


  9. As her title suggests , Miss Carson was saying that there might come a springtime that would be silent. 正如书名所示,卡森女士在告诉人们将来可能出现一个确实寂静的春天。


  关系代词as 在从句中也可以作主语。

  As was expected, he performed the task with success.

  正如所期待的那样,他成功地完成了任务。 (作主语)

  He comes from South, as I know from his accent. 从他的口音中我知道他是南方人。(作宾语)

  2)suggest: 此处suggest的意思是表明,使想起,使人认为

  The shape of the envelop suggested that the letter might be from a girl.


  His luxurious country villa suggests wealth.


  10. .Rachel Carson never would have believed that years later she would write a scientific book that would stir up so many controversy. 雷切尔·卡森从来也没有想到,多年以后她会写出一本引起激烈争论的科普著作。。

  1) never would have done 表示与过去事实相反的情况。

  2) stir up : 引起 (一般来说不好的情绪或情况)

  How to bring up the only child properly has stirred up much controversy in China.


  His speech stirred up racial hatred. 他的演说激起了种族仇恨。

  3)controversy : 争论, 争议discussion or argument about sth. which many people strongly

  disagree about, or are shocked by 侧重指有深刻意见分歧,引起广泛的讨论,争论

  argument: ( argumentative adj.)争论,辩论, 理由,论据disagreement, quarrel, reasoned  discussion 指双方均用事实或理由来说服对方的争论

  The new nuclear power project aroused much controversy in the country.


  Her husband was not convinced by her argument that they need a bigger house.


  11 The book created the enthusiasm for “ protecting the environment” that has become so commonplace today. 这部书激起人们保护环境的热情,而这已成为当今人们普遍关注的问题。

  commonplace : 普通的,平淡无奇的

  Soon it will be commonplace for men to travel to the moon.


  Home computers are increasingly commonplace nowadays.


  common: 普通的,常见的, 共同的

  This kind of bird is very common in this area.


  Seek common ground while reserving differences. 求同存异

  c. usual 通常的,惯常的,

  It is usual with him to have 40-minute walk after supper.


  12. Because she had always been such an avid and appreciative reader, her dream when she started college was to become an imaginative writer. 由于她一贯喜欢读书,又有鉴赏力,她刚上大学时的梦想是当一位想象力丰富的作家

  avid: 渴望的, 急切的very enthusiastic about sth, eager, keen .

  an avid reader, listener, football fans 热心读者,热心听众,铁干球迷

  13.At the same time, she did indeed become acquainted with the sea that Masefield had written about.

  get/become/be acquainted with; acquaint sb /oneself with sth.: 熟悉了……, 使熟悉……,

  了解,认识, 接触to become /get familiar with…

  He tried to get acquainted with the Chinese culture as much as possible.


  You have to acquaint yourself with your new duties.


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