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14. He had been very much fired her imagination about the sea, which she had never seen.

  fire (up): 激发想象;使……充满 (某中激情) to excite, inspire; to make sb. very excited and interested in

  fire sb's imagination 激发某人的想象

  fire sb. with…激起某人的……

  The speaker fired the audience with enthusiasm. 演讲者激起了听众的热情。

  The film Hero fired him with the desire to visit China. 电影《英雄》激起了他访问中国的愿望。

  15 She wrote about it not only in formal academic reports but also in a book that informed and thrilled laymen?around the world. 她不仅在正式的学术报告中,还在一本书中对大海进行了描述。这部书 使世界各地不了解海洋的人感到感动,海洋对他们来说不再陌生。

  thrill:v. 使激动, 使震颤

  n. 使人兴奋的事, 一阵强烈的情绪 ( 快乐,激动,恐惧等)

  eg: He felt a thrill the moment he entered the Golden Hall.


  He was thrilled at the good news.


  It was a thrilling film of violence and murder.


  layman : 门外汉,外行人

  eg:Sorry, I am unable to tell you more about the structure of the building, for I am a

  layman in architecture


  16 Rachel Carson, a scientist with the magic touch of a poet , shared her love of the ocean and its creatures with all mankind.

  1) A scientist with the magic touch of a poet : 具有诗人文采的科学家 …her scientific books

  were lively written which were interesting to read…

  eg: She described everything clearly and accurately; as she had the imagination and skill of a

  poet, her writing was lively and entertaining.

  touch : a manner or style of working, performing , etc 格调,风格,特色,润色

  magic touch: excellent style 绝妙的风采。

  eg: He paints with that unique bold touch of his. 他以他独特的大胆风格作画。

  She added a few touches to her essay. 她对她的文章作了些润色。

  2)share sth. with sb. : tell sb. about sth 把……告诉……, 与……分享…。

  They would share the joys and sorrows. 他们同甘共苦。

  Would you mind sharing the room with a new classmate? 你能否与新来的同学合住一个房间?

  17 Her style was clear but lively, informative but not preachy, and for most readers truly exhilarating.

  注意排比的运用: clear but lively, informative but not preachy.

  18. However, because she was a true scientist and an held out his battered hat for money.

  hold out sth./hold sth. out: 伸出

  eg: Tom held out his cup for a refill

  19. An amazing model?“ shouted Trevor aware human being , she knew that everything on the planetis connected to everything else.

  1) aware: 有……意识或觉悟;有……知识的;懂得……的

  She is a politically aware person. 她是一个有政治觉悟的人

  2) be connected to (with) 和……有联系,和……有关

  He learnt from his grandmother that great writer Lu Xun was connected to his family.


  He was no longer connected with the Micrsoft.


  20 These chemicals, she knew, do not break down in the soil.

  break down : 起化学变化,分解

  Muscle protein will break down more quickly when one is doing strenuous exercises.


  21.Instead, they tend to be endlessly recycled in the food chains

  1) tend to do/be: be likely to do/ be 趋向……。往往……

  eg:Prices are tending upward. 物价趋于上涨。

  In primary and secondary schools girls tend to work harder than boys. 在小学和中学时,女孩比男孩用功。

  2) be recycled :使再循环;回收利用;重心利用

  The recycled water is used to water plants.


  3) food chain : 食物链

  4) be dependent on : 依赖于

  It is not good for students to be too dependent on their teachers


  22. One might guess that this time Carson the reader might have reminded Carson the scientist of some passage in Shakespeare's most famous play.

  remind sb of sth: make sb. think of sth. 使人想起。。。。。。,提醒。。。。。。

  eg: Please remind me of getting up at 5 tomorrow morning.


  The picture reminded me of my childhood in the village.


  23. Prince Hamlet used revoltingly grisly images in the vicious baiting of his hatred uncle when he told him that in nature's food chain, the worm is king.


  24. Rachel Carson know of this poisonous cycle.

  know of : 知道……的存在;听说 be aware of the existence of, hear about

  eg:Do you know of any filling station around here? 你知道这一带有加油站吗?

  I don't know the writer, but I know of him. 我不认识这个作家,但我听说过他。

  25 And she knew now, as her own observations were confirmed by fellow scientists all over the country, that this “worm” now carried a heavy concentration

  1) as 引出的是原因状语从句


  This view is confirmed by the fact that…这种观点以被…事实所证实。

  approve: 同意、批准、赞成

  The plan was approved by the Ministry of Communication.


  2) concentration (concentrate): 集中、专心 指把人或物集中在一起,把精神,注意力集中在某一事物

  Chess requires great concentration. 下棋需要全神贯注。

  focus : 焦点、中心

  The government put the revival of economy as the focus of its work.


  26. It could be passed on to fish, to other animals, to their food supply and to men and women and children throughout the earth. pass on (from…) to…:(及物) 把……(从……)传给;(不及物)(从……)转移到……

  We hope Sino-Japanese friendship will pass on from generation to generation.


  The money passed on from one to another until it reached the conductor's hands.


  27. In spite of fierce opposition from the chemical industry, from powerful government agencies, and from organizations, shepersisted in her research and writing

  persist in sth./doing sth. : 不顾困难、他人反对 坚持做……有时指执拗地不听好言相劝,达到了使别人讨厌地固执


  eg:He persisted in his folly despite his friend's advice.


  So long as you persist in jogging, you will shed some weight.

  只要你坚持慢跑, 你一定会减轻体重的。

  insist on : to keep doing sth…


  He insisted on the accuracy of his account


  We insist that the DPRK's nuclear issue be resolved peacefully.


  28. The book was exploded into he public consciousness.

  explode into: develop 突然变成,发展成,演变成

  The border incident exploded into a war between the two countries. 那个边界事件突然演变成两国间的战争。

  29. The little girl…had fired a major salvo in the battle for the environment

  salvo: (n) the firing of several guns during a battle or as part of a ceremony

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